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Ziplock bag, PE zipper bag

Ziplock bags, also named LDPE zipper bags, minigrip bags, minigrip zipper bags, reclosable plastic bags, resealable zipper bags, self seal plastic bags, are low density polyethene (LDPE) bags with a zip closure.

Irisong supply various custom-made ziplock bags.

PE ziplock bag with red line
Red line PE zipper bag

PE ziplock bag with blue line on flap
Blue line PE zipper bag

PE ziplock bag with color zipper
Zipper bag with one color zipper or double color zipper

PE zipper anti-static bags
Zipper bag with anti-static treatment to protect static-sensitive components

PE zipper specimen bags, Zip top biohazard bags
Three-wall zipper bag for specimen or infectious waste with a back pouch for documents

Printed PE ziplock bag
Zipper bag imprinted with logo or other content

PE ziplock bag with PE sign
PE zipper bag printed with LDPE sign

Small ziplock bag
Small size zipper bag for your small pack needs

Clear PE ziplock bag
Transparent PE zipper bag

Color PE ziplock bag
PE zipper bag of various color

PE ziplock bag with hang hole
Zipper bag with round hole or euro hole convenient for hanging or retail

PE ziplock bag with white block or 3 white pannels
Zipper bag printed with white block or pannels as writing area

PE zipper sandwich bags
Zipper bag for packing sandwich

Die cut PE ziplock bag
Zipper bag with die-cut handle above zipper convenient to carry

PE ziplock bag for medical use
Zipper bag for hospital or medical purpose

Stand-up PE ziplock bag
Zipper bag with gusset bottom easy to stand up & convenient for display

PE slider zipper bag
Reclosable ziplock bag with a plastic slider on bag top to get tighter seal & easier handling

Irisong FREE Ziplock bag samples

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