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Custom-made canvas bag, hand tote. Natural or colored, Plain or imprinted.


Item No. CAB3050
Size: 30cm x 18cm x 50cm
Heavy canvas bag for temporary storage of money in the bank

white canvas bag

Item No. CAB3838
Size: 38cm x 14.5cm x 38cm
White canvas bag

Imprinted canvas bag

Item No. CAB011
Size: 52cm x 38cm x 35cm
Colored canvas bag  imprinted zebra design
white canvas lining & handles

Natural canvas bag

Item No. CAB0249
Size: 30cm x 13cm x33cm
Natural canvas bag with inner small pocket

Natural canvas tote

Item No. CAB0250
Size: 32cm x 13cm x34cm
Natural canvas tote with inner small pocket
Handles: dark blue cotton webbing

Yellow canvas bag with zipper

Item No. CAB0255
Size: 28cm x 11cm x32cm
Yellow color canvas bag with zipper top
Same color lining with zipper pocket
Coffee leather handles

Blue canvas bag

Item No. CAB0267
Size: 49cm x 9cm x30cm
Dark blue canvas tote, 
Black leather bottom & handles
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